Whistleblowing at VIG RE zajišťovna, a.s.

At VIG RE zajišťovna, a.s. (herein after “VIG Re”), we're building a rock-solid culture of integrity, as essential as the foundations of our business. Therefore, if you witness any wrongdoing, don't hesitate to speak up as only together, we can uphold the highest ethical standards and build a thriving company that lasts.

How to report?

The preferred way of reporting is to use the internal reporting system which allows you to report in the following ways:

  • Online (in writing or orally): through the reporting interface available at the following link: VIG Re Whistlelink
  • In person: By scheduling a meeting with the Whistleblowing Officer. You can arrange a personal meeting using the whistleblowing officer's contact information.

Alternatively, reports on illegal acts can be submitted externally to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic (oznamovatel.justice.cz).

To ensure the most efficient and promptness investigation recommend using the internal reporting system.

Whistleblowing Officer

Reports at VIG Re are handled exclusively by the Company´s employees designated by the Board of Directors as “Whistleblowing Officer”.


Chief Compliance Officer

Tel.: +420 735 745 526

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The contact information provided is exclusively for VIG Re employees and individuals performing work or other similar activities for the Company. Use these details solely to inquire about reporting procedures or schedule a meeting with the Whistleblowing Officer. Bear in mind that these channels are not designated for submitting reports. If you wish to file a report, please use one of the reporting methods outlined in the "How to Report" section.

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