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Our Business is Energising

It starts with the energy that runs through every aspect of our business – from our company values, to the hard work of our team of talented professionals, to our relationships with our partners and clients.

The Wire of Our History

As part of the Vienna Insurance Group, whose history reaches back to 1824, VIG Re has been bringing energy to the industry since its founding in 2008 by establishing ourselves as a core player in the reinsurance market in Austria and CEE.


VIG’s roots in Austria date back to 1824 and to the foundation of Wechselseitige k.k. private Brandschaden-Versicherungsgesellschaft in Vienna.



VIG treated the fall of the iron curtain as an opportunity to achieve the number one position as the leading insurance group in Austria and the CEE region.


On 8 August 2008 the Czech National Bank grants reinsurance license to VIG Re. In October the Company receives an A+ FSR rating from Standard & Poor’s, which is unaltered until today.


VIG Re assumes treaty reinsurance for all major Property & Casualty and Life & Health lines of business, both from VIG companies and third parties. By end of the first full year of its operation, the company underwrites a book of EUR 257.2 million.


VIG Re acquires 99.2% shares of Wiener Re Beograd, a Serbian reinsurance company. The Company starts to offer facultative services in property and engineering lines.


Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia are added to the underwriting territories. Karl Fink succeeds Peter Hagen as 2nd CEO of the Company.


VIG Re grows its assumed business from VIG companies to EUR 419.2 million; a growth of 65% premium compared to the prior year.


Johannes Martin Hartmann takes the helmet as the Company’s 3rd CEO. The underwriting activities with third Parties in CEE are intensified. In the same year a severe flooding hits VIG Re key markets Austria and CEE.


Despite VIG companies report a number of large man-made losses to the Company, the net combined ratio comes in still below 98% and a profit before tax to EUR 19.9 million is generated. Jan Hrevuš is appointed as Head of the newly established Actuarial Analytics team.


A continued competitive market environment calls for underwriting discipline. The Property & Casualty book is reduced by 6%. Olaf Dietrich heads the Non-Life Underwriting. The net combined ratio improves to 95.5% and pre-tax profit soars to EUR 22.7 million.


Ivana Jurčíková joins the Board of VIG Re and is appointed as a Chief Financial Officer. BSS, VIG Re’s integrated underwriting, claims and accounting software, goes live. The net combined ratio further improves to 93.2%.


Tomasz Rowicki joins VIG Re’s Board of Directors. The first branch office in Frankfurt am Main in Germany opens on 29 September, headed by Fabian Christoph. Katarzyna Galan takes the lead of the Life Underwriting Team and Patrick Chevrel joins to head the expansion of the underwriting activities in Western Europe.


VIG Re celebrates it’s 10 years anniversary. The second branch office opens on 26 November in Paris. On 27 November VIG Re becomes a member of the Czech Insurance Association. With a premium written of EUR 457 million, a profit before tax of EUR 26 million and combined ratio of 92.5% the Company reports the best performance in its history.


VIG Re Gross written premium exceeds EUR 500 million for the first time in its history. In February VIG Re becomes a shareholder of B3i AG, the blockchain industry initiative. In December the Company receives approval of the Solvency II Partial internal model (PIM) and successfully completes the restructuring of VIG Group life reinsurance cessions.

A+ Rating From S&P since 2008

Since our founding in 2008, Standard & Poor’s Financial Services (S&P) has rated us “A+” with “stable outlook”, both in respect of VIG Re's financial strength and long-term public issuer rating. The ratings were most recently confirmed on November 3, 2021. S&P acknowledges in their latest rating report from December 2021 the beneficial role of our company, VIG Re, providing “geographical and business diversification” for the business risk profile of the whole Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). VIG thus remains the company with the best rating of all companies listed in the ATX of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

The Energy of Our Values

By maintaining a convivial, yet professional relationships with our clients, they experience our company values personally and trust us for them.

Ethical Behaviour

Respect, integrity, and transparency are our fundamental principles.

Stability and Security

We're in it for the long haul.

Performance Matters

We grow our profits through expertise.

Professional Infrastructure

We invest in smart tools without over-engineering.

People Development

We create an environment in which people take responsibility.

A Colourful Company Culture

We add freshness to reinsurance.


The Energising Line Is What Makes Us Strong

As a company, we get our energy from the people that drive our business.

Corporate Bodies

Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Audit Committee
Supervisory Board
Peter Thirring
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Elisabeth Stadler
Vice-Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Alain Flandrin
2nd Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Vladimír Bakeš
Member of the Supervisory Board
Karl Fink
Member of the Supervisory Board
Peter Höfinger
Member of the Supervisory Board
Gerhard Lahner
Member of the Supervisory Board
Ralph Müller
Member of the Supervisory Board
Wolfgang Petschko
Member of the Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Johannes Martin Hartmann
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Representation of VIG Re towards Financial Supervisory Authority, public authorities and professional associations
Representation of VIG Re towards Supervisory Board
Public Relations & Communication
Corporate Underwriting
Actuarial Services and Retrocession
Ivana Jurčíková
Member of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Finance, Investments
Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Reinsurance Accounting
Business Processes and IT Solutions
Corporate Governance & Legal
Coordination of Risk Management and Compliance
Human Resources
Board Office
Stephan Wirz
Member of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
VIG Group Reinsurance Protection
Assumed Property and Casualty Reinsurance
Assumed Life Reinsurance
Assumed Accident and Health Reinsurance
Business Administration and Claims
Audit Committee
František Dostálek
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Peter Thirring
Member of the Audit Committee
Alain Flandrin
Member of the Audit Committee

Prague Headquarters

Central & Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
Life & Health
Central & Eastern Europe
Aleš Mirnik
Head of Central and Eastern Europe
+420 956 445 562
Lukáš Čížek
Client Executive Vienna Insurance Group
+420 956 445 532
Alexander Barsukov
Senior Underwriter
Ana Pavlina Zifciak
Dmytro Gamankov
+420 731 404 097
Alena Pak
Associate Underwriter
+420 956 445 540
Yauhen Reznikau
Associate Underwriter
+420 956 445 552
Southern Europe
Patrick Chevrel
Head of Western and Southern Europe
+33 6 03 61 78 93
Miroslava Xodo
+420 956 445 542
Aleš Mirnik
Head of International
+420 956 445 562
Nurçin Tacer
Markus Johannes Schmid
Head of Facultative
+420 956 445 557
Michal Vohralík
Senior Underwriter, Property & Engineering
+420 956 445 516
Jitka Vorlíčková
Underwriter, Property & Engineering
+420 730 169 838
Ján Ďurkovič
Underwriter, Casualty
+420 731 404 095
Emmanuel Valin
Senior Underwriter, Property & Engineering
+33 (0)6 13 22 30 68
Andreas Kessler
Senior Underwriter, Property & Engineering
+49 151 1097 3169
Life & Health
Anna Rejer
Head of Life & Health
+420 956 445 587
Martin Tesařík
Business Coordinator
+420 956 445 544
Milana Nikolic
Market Actuary
+420 956 445 525
Kateřina Helmers
Medical Underwriter
Jason El Murr
Associate Underwriter
Middle Office
Corporate Underwriting
Business Administration
Actuarial Services and Retrocession
Reinsurance Accounting
Corporate Underwriting
Olaf Dietrich
Chief Underwriting Officer
Business Administration
Shinji Shirai
Head of Business Administration
Actuarial Services and Retrocession
Jan Hrevuš
Head of Actuarial Services and Retrocession
+420 956 445 536
Reinsurance Accounting
Michal Korytina
Head of Reinsurance Accounting
Shinji Shirai
Head of Claims
Support Functions
Risk Management
IT Services
Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Marketing and Communication
Human Resources Operations
Office Management
Risk Management
Alexia Alexiou
Head of Risk Management
+420 956 445 548
IT Services
Miloš Maryška
Head of IT Services
+420 956 445 571
Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Zdeněk Štěpán
Head of Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Marketing and Communication
Martina Lambert
Marketing and Communication Officer
Human Resources Operations
Pavlína Türková
Head of HR Operations
Office Management
Ivana Matoušková
Office Manager

German Branch

German Branch
Fabian Christoph
Geschäftsführer Niederlassung Deutschland
+49 151 58 26 05 33
Christian Engeln
Senior Underwriter
+49 151 58 26 05 32
Evgeny Potokov
Senior Underwriter

French Branch

French Branch
Patrick Chevrel
Managing Director Succursale Française
+33 6 03 61 78 93
Viktor Faucret
Senior Underwriter
+33 6 24 06 53 35
Jean-Paul Phan
Ivan Arevalo
Emmanuel Valin
Senior Underwriter

Dynamic Results

By pursuing our line of long-term stability, strong capitalisation and financial flexibility, strictly conservative investment strategy and prudent underwriting policy, we’ve been able to continue to drive our results without getting lost on the way.

Income Statement
Income Statement
Premiums written
578 898
661 275
+10.2 %
524 286
600 096
+13.0 %
19 021
32 867
-12.9 %
24 708
28 312
-15.0 %
Combined ratio
93.2 %
+1.8 %
Results from investments
11 195
9 610
+19.7 %
Profit before tax
22 404
26 846
+4.6 %
Profit for the period
17 083
21 136
+18.4 %
Balance Sheet
451 262
608 672
+6.6 %
Total Assets
762 532
1 470 637
+12.9 %
Shareholders’ equity
139 132
179 835
+22.2 %
Underwriting provisions
510 406
1 040 214
+4.2 %

Values are in thousands of EUR. Based on Individual Financial Statements.

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