Martin Hartmann
Chairman of the Board of Directors Martin Hartmann

We are proud of what we achieved at VIG Re over the past ten years. Today, VIG Re has established itself as a leading reinsurance company in Central & Eastern Europe. With an unrivalled nimble and lean operating model we match the demand of our clients looking for a partner who listens to their needs, trusts in long term relationship and provides value.

Tomasz Rowicki
Member of the Board of Directors Tomasz Rowicki

We are stronger as a Group! As a part of Vienna Insurance Group we have a rich history of 194 years that we can built on. We are proud to carry the tradition of the long term partnership and mutual trust with our clients.

Ivana Jurčíková
Member of the Board of Directors Ivana Jurčíková

Controlled growth is what we want to focus on. With the business growth and new opportunities we manage the flow of expenses to secure our cost leadership. Work hard and have fun!

Olaf Dietrich
Head of Department Non-Life Underwriting Olaf Dietrich

Focusing our energy on our client needs, strengthening our know-how and investing in state of the art underwriting will further enhance our strong position in Central & Eastern Europe.

Patrick Chevrel
Head of Department Western Europe Patrick Chevrel

From Eastern to Western Europe, we aim at trusted and sustainable partnerships. Are you tempted to share the dynamic future with our team? Reach out to us!

Fabian Christoph
Geschäftsführer Niederlassung Deutschland Fabian Christoph

What a decade of energising development for VIG Re! We are eager to step further, open new doors and strengthen our position as a long-term focused partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Katarzyna Gałan
Head of Department Life Underwriting Katarzyna Gałan

10 years in the game - it is a great age to explore Life. Now is the time to power up the life business with even more vigour and with extra focus on the client’s needs and partnership.

Jan Hrevuš
Head of Department Actuarial Analytics Jan Hrevuš

We aim at a deep understanding of your business and our analytical team will be thrilled to find a smart reinsurance solution made to meet your needs.

Milan Přibyl
Senior Accounting Specialist Milan Přibyl

In reinsurance accounting we continuously improve the work flow. Since this year we reorganized our team based on country responsibilities to serve our clients even better.

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  • Ivana Jurčíková
  • Olaf Dietrich
  • Patrick Chevrel
  • Fabian Christoph
  • Katarzyna Gałan
  • Jan Hrevuš
  • Milan Přibyl